Wednesday, September 21, 2005

EliteBar Removal tool updates to 2.0.1.

In addition to the removal tool update VGS announced in the recent article EliteBar Removal Tool Updates to V.2.0.0!!!!!, has added yet another feature. As announced here in SimplyTech's Forum, EliteBar Removal Tool now comes in two flavors:

We have some new versions of the ETRemover to offer. You can download them from here:

Version 2.0.1 for people who don't get "RunTime Error 5" messages.

BETA Version 2.0.1 for people who get "RunTime Error 5" messages.

For those who find the 2.x.x. series does not work for them, SimplyTech is also continuing to download a 1.3.2 version from here: . In the words of Giancarlo Calo:

Well, we have decided to take the old v.1.3.x and fill it with the latest malware definitions, so we can now offer the v.1.3.2 that is more stable but is and remain a discontinued Beta product.

It will no longer be supported, however, nor does SimplyTech have any specific plans to update its definitions in the future.

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