Saturday, September 30, 2006

Capitol Staff Say Mark Foley Was Known Harasser.

Local Palm Beach County coverage of the Mark Foley scandal is strangely ahead of much of the national media. While many (if not most) national venues have chosen to report the story as a matter of the mildly troubling e-mails Foley sent to one Louisiana page, at least two local news affiliates reported last night having possession of many more e-mails to many more Capitol pages. The e-mails, it is said, by both affiliates, are too sexually explicit to be read over the air.
This morning, a Palm Beach Post story has stated outright that unidentified sources, in Washington, have spilled the beans:

Congressional staff members who asked not to be identified said it was widely known among Hill staffers and some House leaders that Foley had been engaging in inappropriate conduct and language with young aides.

One highly placed staff member said Foley's abrupt resignation may have been demanded by Republican leaders who have been aware for some time about allegations of inappropriate behavior.

The Republican leadership of the House of Representatives strategically gaveled the present session to a close, a week early, in order to get its people out of Washington, where they are easy targets for the national media, and into local media territories less likely to ask probing questions about the scandal. The move also forestalls any ethics investigation until after the election.

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