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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Front Page

Alex Castellanos Now Advisor to McCain Campaign
by Gilbert Wesley Purdy
Sun Jul 20, 2008
Daily Kos

Maybe Castellanos is a racist, maybe not. But if his research indicates that a racist ad will help his candidate, he's already proven once that it is not beyond him. [Go to the complete story >>>]

The Ballad of Big Dick
by Gilbert Wesley Purdy
Thu Jul 10, 2008
Daily Kos

Ev'ry mornin' at the White House you could see him arrive,
He stood five foot ten and weighed two twenty-five.
Kinda broad at the shoulder and broader at the hip,
And everybody knew ya didn't give no lip to Big Dick.
Big Dick, Big Di-ick, Big Bad Dick Big Dick. [Go the the complete parody>>>]

Man-Boy Love Advocate Accused of Using Wikipedia to Troll for Interested Parties
by Gilbert Wesley Purdy
Mar 4, 2007
Eye Online

Rookiee's boyloving propensities, it was decided, fell under the category of "sexual preference" and users were not to be prejudiced against due to sexual preference. [Go to the complete story >>>]

True Stone and Epitaph: the Poetry of Pablo Gilbert Wesley Purdy.

The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems, Mark Eisner, Ed.
San Francisco: City Lights Publishers, 2004. 222 pages
ISBN 0-87286-428-6

The year 2004 is the centennial of the birth of the poet Pablo Neruda. As a result, the already considerable amount of work published annually by and about the poet has increased exponentially. City Lights' 100th birthday gift is The Essential Neruda, a selection of poems, edited by Mark Eisner, a visiting scholar at Stanford University's Center for Latin American Studies. [
Go to the review>>>]

Pierce Butler, Fanny Kemble, et al.
by Gilbert Wesley Purdy.

The Weeping Time: Elegy in Three Voices by Christopher Conlon.
Washington, D.C.: Argonne House Press, 2004.
138 pp. $19.95 paper. ISBN 1-887641-18-1.

In March of 1859, Pierce Butler, a Philadelphian, wealthy by virtue of two plantations in Georgia, auctioned some 430 of his slaves in one of the largest such sales in American history. That auction became known as 'The Weeping Time'. The poet Christopher Conlon memorializes that day with a book of poems bearing the same name. Butler is of further historical interest by virtue of his rocky marriage to the famous English actress, Fanny Kemble,... [
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