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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Page 2

New Poetry:

For the Tattooed Man by Sharmila Voorakkara
Fried Beauty by R. S. Gwynn
Seeing the Eclipse in Maine by Robert Bly
Dead Butterfly by Ellen Bass
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New Book Reviews:

Never Far from a Breakdown. Collected Poems: With Notes Toward the Memoirs, by Djuna Barnes. Reviewed by Brian Phillips.

Thrills and Chills and Home Movies. Strong Is Your Hold, by Galway Kinnell. -and- Interrogation Palace, by David Wojahn. Reviewed by Peter Campion.

Barnes on Fire. A Word Like Fire: Selected Poems, by Dick Barnes. Reviewed by Peter Campion.

The Cosmic I. Present Company by W. S. Merwin.
Reviewed by by Gilbert Wesley Purdy.

Sex Trek: the Next Generation.
by Gilbert Wesley Purdy.

Sex Carnival by Bill Brownstein.
Toronto: ECW Press, 2000
250 pages. $22.95 Can, $18.95 US.
ISBN 1-55022-415-8.

Two factors changed our relationship to sex in the past century. The first was the introduction of cheap, effective birth-control. The second, market capitalism, has become the unchallenged law of the jungle.... [Go to the review>>>]

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New Interviews:

Translating Poetry into Poetry. An interview with C. K. Williams.
Nature Poems in a Post-Natural Age. An interview with Gary Snyder.
The Poet of Green Bananas and Baclao. An interview with Victor Hernández Cruz.

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