Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How to Remove Lop.

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C2, Lop
  • Executable Files: asshuktr.exe; bilyooas.exe; byb_save.exe; crgbeaoa.exe; dmvcrthl.exe; eaymulyl.exe; eeublidc.exe; glxshmcr.exe; ijlysseb.exe; jqumysto.exe; kfriegbs.exe; llfggrdr.exe; lltckiey.exe; lopsearc.exe; meemnckyqbr.exe; meepajlr.exe; mprcouie.exe; oofrkxpe.exe; peebqusz.exe; quveioot.exe; shoucrck.exe; ssmeeibl.exe; tchpeatr.exe; tglblrll.exe; trdzhtxf.exe; trstdris.exe; ulyuiexeechp.exe; vestufck.exe; vfthrcbr.exe; xogyfhp.exe; ykphmbre.exe; ylynfste.exe; yxogltoo.exe.
  • Dynamic Link Libraries: blztstulla.dll; blztstullc.dll; blztstullj.dll; blztstullp.dll; blztstulls.dll; blztstullt.dll; blztstully.dll; blztstullpr.dll; blztstulltr.dll; blztstulloo.dll; chksbdrlya.dll; eaeeishllblc.dll; eelykofrllfrpr.dll; eelykofrllfrj.dll; ealymfrprwch.dll; epllkeeoopr.dll; freabrlaouw.dll; gldqumssfrie.dll; hglllyxrxw.dll; icdrhwno.dll; heeachmstll.dll; meepajlr.dll; ousszidrta.dll; plg_ie*.dll; prxzoustustgr.dll; prnouestssstx.dll; quizbt*.dll; quglwachfs.dll; sstroallhqch.dll; tblchepruprgr.dll; trstshcrscksr.dll; ukfroigl.dll; upckeetoutw.dll; veaeyglckr.dll; woafrquzn.dll; yeecrsoustoull.dll; ziebaeeoaeepr.dll.
  • Directory/Search Page: and many others.
  • Uninstall page URL: The Lop help page offers a "universal uninstall" download from
  • Related Articles: Fighting Malware with Standard Windows Tools (February 25, 2007). You may have more in your bag of tricks than you realize. Important Removal Tool Note.
  • Notes: Lop has utilized stealth downloads and has downloaded via bundling in the past. Some variants of this infection can also effect the Mozilla and Netscape browsers. Some variants can be entirely or partially unistalled from the standard "Add/Remove Programs" utility.
  • This infection can be removed by the freeware versions of both Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D.

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