Saturday, June 25, 2005

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- June 24th, 2005 -
Krista Barrett, Owner
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* Hi Krista, Thanks for all your help and this opportunity to share. Have done a reading from my book, Jack Frost's Window, at a local library and am set up to do another one the end of this month. Also am selling it through one local book store so far. But am also excited for another reason - I've sold three feature stories to local newspapers recently, and one of them has asked me to be on their regular list of correspondents! God is good!
Gratefully, Flora

* My e-book, “Writing for Professional Medical Publications,” is now available in P.O.D. format, at Although I specialize in writing for medical trade publications, I have been writing for other trade niches, such as human resources, business, and university staff. Thanks for a great newsletter!
Laura Gater, Freelance writer

* I just managed to get my first book published by It's only $2.87 to download (I did try to get it even lower, or at least to a round number, but it wouldn't let me). It's called ACTS: Adventures in Gospel and Christian Drama and it's available at The book can also be purchased as a POD for $9.50. I'm sorry I can't afford to give away any copies, but the free program didn't allow me any (that's also why the cover's a bit tacky). I even have to buy my own copy! Anyway, if you're able, please support your friend and brother, the hopeful writer! And thanks!!
Steve Losee

* Anika Logan has recently started a new website on apartment living/decorating. If you are in need of some decorating ideas for your home look no further! New articles will be added weekly so check back on a regular basis. Thanks.

* I recently sold two articles to, the FREE screenplay format software Web site. SCREENWRITERS: check out this site! The owner was so impressed with my work that I'm on to a cool, second project, which will be coming soon to the Web site. I have a full-time technical copywriting job during the day, but I am an aspiring screenplay writer, and this work is not only good for pocket jingles, but is putting a jingle in my heart!
Penny Warner, Urbana, MO

* Sharon DeBartolo Carmack announces the publication of her two latest books: The Family Tree Guide to Finding Your Ellis Island Ancestors (Family Tree Books, $19.99), and Carmack's Guide to Copyright and Contracts: A Primer for Genealogists, Writers and Researchers (Genealogical Publishing Co., $15.95). For a listing of Sharon's other books, visit her Web site at

* New book has just been published! Title: "A Very Bad Day and Happy Dreams That Can Come True" by Dorota Silaj. Publisher: Prairie View Publishing. Order today at: or call: 574-250-8063 Or order at ISBN: 193327610X Pages 74 Price : $ 13.95 Fiction story about a little dream maker and a very bad day like September 11 2001. Even a bad day like September 11 2001 can’t take your dreams away. Book for all people who were involved in this big tragedy. For people like firefighters, police officers, people who were injured or lost their families in this big horror in New York which took place on September 11 2001. About the author: Dorota Silaj was born in Poland in Stalowa Wola in 1974. She lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and her two children. Email: mailto:

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