Thursday, July 07, 2005

Adware & Malware Indentifier Index: Letter C.

The following is an in-progress index of some of the more common malware toolbars/browser helper objects, and associated files, at large on the Internet. It links, when possible, to detail pages including vendor uninstall pages and freeware or trialware removal tools. No commercial removal software is cited. Only auxiliary information for manual removal is provided. It will be regularly updated with new information as it comes available. Revision dates will be listed in parenthesis next to the revised/updated item.

The information in the Adware & Malware Indentifier Index is the result of thousands of web searches. It can not, however, possibly be complete. The subject is vast and constantly changing. Moreover, vendor uninstall tools and other freeware removal tools do not necessarily remove all of an infection from your computer. Vendor uninstall tools, for instance, may silently leave cookies or other tracking software installed. It is suggestible to follow up a removal with one or more adware scans and/or to do an inspection using a HijackThis log. The information on the page is not guaranteed correct and any use you may choose to make of it is entirely at your own risk.

C2, Lop

  • Executable Files: asshuktr.exe; bilyooas.exe; byb_save.exe; crgbeaoa.exe; dmvcrthl.exe; eaymulyl.exe; eeublidc.exe; glxshmcr.exe; ijlysseb.exe; jqumysto.exe; kfriegbs.exe; llfggrdr.exe; lltckiey.exe; lopsearc.exe; meemnckyqbr.exe; meepajlr.exe; mprcouie.exe; oofrkxpe.exe; peebqusz.exe; quveioot.exe; shoucrck.exe; ssmeeibl.exe; tchpeatr.exe; tglblrll.exe; trdzhtxf.exe; trstdris.exe; ulyuiexeechp.exe; vestufck.exe; vfthrcbr.exe; xogyfhp.exe; ykphmbre.exe; ylynfste.exe; yxogltoo.exe.
  • Dynamic Link Libraries: blztstulla.dll; blztstullc.dll; blztstullj.dll; blztstullp.dll; blztstulls.dll; blztstullt.dll; blztstully.dll; blztstullpr.dll; blztstulltr.dll; blztstulloo.dll; chksbdrlya.dll; eaeeishllblc.dll; eelykofrllfrpr.dll; eelykofrllfrj.dll; ealymfrprwch.dll; epllkeeoopr.dll; freabrlaouw.dll; gldqumssfrie.dll; hglllyxrxw.dll; icdrhwno.dll; heeachmstll.dll; meepajlr.dll; ousszidrta.dll; plg_ie*.dll; prxzoustustgr.dll; prnouestssstx.dll; quizbt*.dll; quglwachfs.dll; sstroallhqch.dll; tblchepruprgr.dll; trstshcrscksr.dll; ukfroigl.dll; upckeetoutw.dll; veaeyglckr.dll; woafrquzn.dll; yeecrsoustoull.dll; ziebaeeoaeepr.dll.
  • Directory/Search Page: and many others.
  • Uninstall page URL: See: How to Remove Lop.
  • Related Articles: Important Removal Tool Note.
  • Notes: Lop has utilized stealth downloads and has downloaded via bundling in the past. Some variants of this infection can also effect the Mozilla and Netscape browsers. See: How to Remove Lop.


Claria, Gain, Gator

  • Executable Files: cmessys.exe; fsg.exe; fsg-ag.exe; fsg*.exe; gain_trickler_*.exe.
  • Dynamic Link Libraries:
  • Directory/Search Page:
  • Uninstall page URL: See: How to Remove Claria, Gain, Gator.
  • Related Articles: Important Removal Tool Note.
  • Notes: This infection generally downloads bundled with other software which the user has voluntarilty accepted. It utilizes a "trickler" technology designed to limit its use of processor time. It claims to be entirely removable via the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" utility. It provides uninstall instructions at the above URLs. See: How to Remove Claria, Gain, Gator.


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